Case Study: Brand Planning and Strategy for a gastro (GI) brand

Box Icon The challenge

The challenge

A Japanese pharma company team in a local affiliate had a series of challenges impacting the growth of their brand: limited differentiation, poor patient understanding, negative perceptions and pressures on cost. Gastro-enterologist prescribers had a limited set of perceptions about the drug and the local brand team recognised the need for a rigorous review of the current strategy, positioning, messaging and tactical plan.

Box Icon How we tackled it

How we tackled it

Working closely with the marketing lead, we created an in-depth review of the market, current brand performance and perceptions and implications for strategy. Through a series of interactive, thought-provoking facilitated workshops, we guided the team through the elements of a brand plan, revising the positioning, strategic imperatives and tactics taking a bold move away from the current global positioning.

Box Icon The business impact

The business impact

The performance of the brand was affected almost immediately with a +14% growth in sales versus the previous year at the end of the planning period. The new positioning and campaign has since been adopted by the global team and rolled out across 20 other countries.  The local brand team completed the exercise with clarity and determination to accelerate the growth of the brand along with an understanding of the value of dedicating quality time to analysis, strategy development and planning.

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