Case Study: Award-winning Multi-channel Marketing Training programme

Box Icon The challenge

The challenge

A French pharmaceutical company with a large presence in international markets needed to improve the capabilities and accelerate the application of multi-channel marketing principles in a practical and cost-effective manner. Teams were spread across many different countries, time zones and therapy areas and needed some clear direction and practical examples to assist in creating the next year’s brand plans with more integrated, innovative campaigns.

Box Icon How we tackled it

How we tackled it

We created an intensive three-day multi-channel marketing workshop in two different locations to train local champions and future trainers in the multi-channel marketing principles, process and examples. With participants from 15 countries, local organisational multi-channel marketing assessments were conducted as well as pre- and post-assessments of MCM capabilities.  Using expert facilitators, many industry examples, role-play and internal experts and a final knowledge test, the programme created 28 internal experts on MCM.

Box Icon Business impact

Business impact

Using a range of business impact measures, this multi-country, multi-therapy area capability programme demonstrated strong improvements in the MCM capabilities of the participants, including their ability to design and deliver internal workshops for their colleagues. Participant satisfaction and engagement scores were 88% and resulted in 11 local MCM training workshops run in the subsequent weeks, aligned to the action plans and commitments of the participants. The programme was recognised as demonstrating best practice for content, design and cost-effectiveness internally and won a PMEA industry award for capability in 2017.

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