Case Study: Award-winning Launch Excellence framework for a high growth pharma company

Box Icon The challenge

The challenge

A Singapore based pharma company was expanding globally and planning to launch new products across oncology, respiratory and pain therapy areas in the coming years. The company had few processes, supporting tools, plans or training to facilitate the creation of high quality launch plans, strategies and performance.

Box Icon How we tackled it

How we tackled it

Working closely with the commercial excellence team, we created a set of simple, practical steps to support launch planning, readiness, reporting and senior management decision-making. A suite of materials and tools were rolled out across approximately 30 countries, shared on the company intranet and a series of regional training workshops were delivered to engage, train and apply the framework to the first wave of launches.

Box Icon The business impact

The business impact

Seven years on, the Launch Excellence framework is truly embedded in the company and has been used across more than 50 launches throughout different companies. The tools and process have evolved over time, now managed by a small commercial excellence team who has built a launch excellence community and online materials for training.  The framework has received very positive internal feedback due to improvements in role clarity across launch teams, internal communications and decision-making, and a reduction in duplication.   The company is one of the highest growth pharma companies in Asia and its CEO has been recognised across the industry for innovation and growth.  The Launch Excellence framework has been short listed for an industry excellence award.

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