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Brand Planning for 2022: 10 metrics to avoid when planning your brand strategy

10 metrics to avoid when creating your Brand Plan!

As part of our Brand Planning Week focus, we are sharing our view of the worst KPIs to include when planning your pharmaceutical brand strategy. We call these “vanity metrics”!  They are generally reliant on past experience and are easy to measure, but sadly will not really share anything meaningful about customer engagement, behavioural changes, or promotional channel effectiveness.

Our infographic below has the details. Do cross-check them with your brand plan!

Are you looking to refresh your measurement and KPIs when planning for 2022?

At Uptake Strategies, we can help you build a Brand Plan with KPIs that will inform better strategic and tactical decision-making. Contact us via to find out how we can support you.

If you would like a high-resolution copy of the infographic in poster form, please email, available exclusively to our clients on direct request.