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Benefits of a Marketing Mentor: White Paper

There are many recent studies and articles on the value of not only one mentor but several mentors both inside your organisation as well as outside who can guide, advise and inspire you along your career journey. Uptake Strategies’s latest white paper outlines the benefits of having an expert marketing mentor and what to look for when choosing one.

A 2012 Forbes article on mentoring, quotes that “studies show that most people who succeed have a mentor”. The Forbes article outlines seven reasons most people need a mentor and cautions against the trend of “life coaches” – mentors “without grey hairs” who have not successfully navigated a similar set of professional challenges in your market or sector.

What are the benefits of engaging an expert marketing mentor? Take our 5-question test to see if you (or one of your team) could benefit from an expert marketing mentor!’

To read the White Paper in full, click here.