‘Marketing Capabilities capture the complex combination of knowledge, processes, ways of working, tools and best practices that make a difference in Brand building.’ Director of Global Marketing Capabilities at HEINEKEN

The Uptake Strategies’ team have assembled a list of future marketing capabilities to develop.

We’ve been working with clients to build future-focussed marketing capability frameworks and training programmes to drive the growth of pharma / biotech brands in 2020 and beyond.

We’ve also been building ‘How to’ toolkits for teams to design and implement their own patient service, innovation or digital marketing campaign.

Marketing capabilities: Insights and Behaviour changeINSIGHTS AND BEHAVIOUR CHANGE
Identification of core insights across target payors / patients / physicians driving attitudes and behaviours with an ability to define channels / content and experiences that drive behavioural change.

Marketing capabilities: Funding and pricing strategyFUNDING AND PRICING STRATEGY
Mapping and analysis of healthcare system funding and resource pathways and creation of value messages / content and innovative pricing strategies for payors.

Marketing capabilities: Strategic focusSTRATEGIC FOCUS
Define the strategic focus for a healthcare brand across a detailed, quantified and qualified patient journey.

Marketing capabilities: Customer experienceCUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
Design and implementation of multichannel customer engagement journeys to deliver a positive personalised customer experiences with patients / physicians / payors and therefore engagement and loyalty.

Marketing capabilities: Digital channel metricsDIGITAL CHANNEL METRICS
Analysis of real time digital channel metrics – across social media, internet, websites, email platforms to assess the impact and optimise multichannel campaigns.

Ability to build relationships with a variety of scientific thought leaders and patient advocacy leaders to create and communicate compelling scientific and patient stories from clinical evidence / practice and insights.

Ability to identify and operationalise opportunities to innovate including partnerships, use of digital technology and services to better serve the patient / physician and gain competitive advantage.

If you’d like to talk to us about a particular capability need or business challenge in any of these 7 areas, just let us know!

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